The Giving Ladder

Taking Your Next Step of Generosity

Before beginning any journey, you must identify two things: where you are and where you want to go. The Giving Ladder is your guide to increasing your generosity as the Holy Spirit leads you. Generosity happens one step at a time, like the rungs on a ladder. As you pray and discern how God would have you to give during this time, ask God to inspire and challenge you toward greater generosity to fulfill our BRAVE vision for our CHURCH, CITIES, and CULTURE. 


Legacy Giver – Someone who gives extravagantly to the work of God’s Kingdom.

Sacrificial Giver – Someone who sacrifices beyond the tithe by asking, “What am I not giving and why?”

Percentage Giver – Someone who intentionally gives 10% percent of their income as a tithe to the Lord (Malachi 3).

Consistent Giver – Someone who gives regularly and consistently to God’s Kingdom.

Initial Giver – Someone who takes their first step of faith to give.